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Golden Anniversary for the 'King'.
Beech craft Corporation has launched a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the King Air Model 90 The actual anniversary date was celebrated recently with several passes of a three-ship formation of the company's current production King Air models over its home airfield ,Beech Field, in Wichita,Kansas,as employees and invited guests watched

Cultural marketing process to point "super high-end" no harm
The quality of tea in our province has always been highly regarded, but the brand benefit is not very good. Over the years, Sichuan tea market has almost remained at the "basic processing of raw materials," the embarrassing situation, the match with good quality tea, and a handful of high value-added tea brand. Almost all businesses Sichuan tea culture in the attempt to play cards, but how to improve the gold content in Sichuan tea brand, has been troubled by experts, Sichuan tea business, and even problems related government departments.

Beech Craft Super King Air Fleet Surpasses 60-Million Flight Hours
The WORLDWIDE FLEET OF BEECH CRAFT TURBO PROP King Airs recently topped an incredible 60-million flight hours cementing its claim to being the most popular and best-selling turbo prop business aircraft family in the world More than 7000 King Airs of all Marques are operated in 127 countries around the world, including all branches of the US Military and with many other air forces around the globe

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